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Inflatable Pipe &Test plugs
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Pipe plugs were first used out in the oil and gas field to keep materials that were inside the pipe (drilling mud for instance) from spilling out on the road way when the drill pipe is in transit. Note that there is a small grommet strip to help locate the plug inside the pipe. We can also supply companies with a light weight high pressure hand pump called a top off pump. (All pipe sizes and shapes) . ETA inflatable plug maybe used in a pipe smaller than the maximum rated inflation diameter. Since a minimal inflation pressure with water, air or other insert gas will expand the plug to its full diameter, most of the pressure is available to seal and lock the plug in place. Our ETA plugs will generally conform to almost any pipe configuration, They are available with without a flow-thru by-pass. These plugs maybe customized for most pressure, chemical and temperature requirements. All pipe sizes and shapes  can be customized.